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दीपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ

संस्कृति अपार्टमेंट के सभी निवासियों को संस्कृति अपार्टमेंट्स RWA की तरफ से हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ.

पटाखे जलाते समय निम्न बातों का ख्याल ज़रूर रखें:

  • कृपया मिट्टी के दिये इस्तेमाल करें.
  • देर रात तक पटाखे ना जलाएँ.
  • बच्चों का ध्यान रखें और उन्हें अपने साथ ही रखें.
  • पटाखे कृपया खुले स्थान पर ही जलाएँ.
  • पटाखे कृपया गाड़ियों से दूर होकर जलाएँ.
  • कॉरिडोर्स में पटाखे ना जलाएँ.

रेसिडेंट्स के हित में जारी संदेश और शुभकामनाएँ जैसा की आप नोटीस बोर्ड पे देख सकते है.


Swachh Sanskriti Mission

Dear Residents,

On the lines of “Swachh Bharat Mission” which is to be launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister, residents of Sanskriti Apartments are organizing “Swachh Sanskriti Mission” with the support of NGO “Indo-Care” on 2nd October 2014 from 7:00 AM to 10 AM in the morning. All the residents are invited to participate in this mission. Special thanks to Sh. Sanjeev Thakur (Flat 330) for his initiative with NGO INDO CARE.

Notice board screenshot:


Message from General Secretary on appointment of Internal Auditor

Dear Residents,

With reference to notice issued by President Sh. Inderjeet Singh dated 11th September 2014, i, Parveen Kumar, General Secretary RWA Sanskriti Apartments hereby inform all the residents that i have never appointed any internal auditor for the purpose of auditing the accounts of RWA Sanskriti Apartments.

I fully agree with the President and his contentions that a resolution was passed in the GBM to evaluate the costing of an internal auditor’s services with reasonable fee. Keeping in view of the resolution of GBM, I as General Secretary have ONLY invited the applications/ quotations for internal auditor’s appointment for evaluating the cost. After receiving the quotations, appointment of internal auditor shall be done in the executive committee meeting. Therefore, the notice RWA/SA/2014-15/013 is factually correct and process will continue for appointment of the internal auditor.

However it is to bring to notice that minutes of General Body Meeting (GBM) are recorded in the relevant register by General Secretary RWA and the same is not required to be signed by the president. The minutes shall be signed in the next scheduled GBM by the president on behalf of the HOUSE as per the memorandum RWA.

Best Regards,

Parveen Kumar
General Secretary, Resident Welfare Association.


Procedure of Recording and Circulation of the Minutes of General Body Meeting as per our Memorandum

Dear Residents, This is just to inform you about the process on how the Minutes of General Body Meetings are recorded and circulated among the members and gets approved.

  1. General Secretary of RWA records and drafts the minutes of the meeting during the General Body Meeting.
  2. Within 15-20 days, General Secretary circulates the Minutes of the Meeting to the members via print, email, regular mail or any other convenient way.
  3. From the date of circulation, within 15-20 days, residents can revert back to the General Secretary RWA with their objections or points if anything missing in the Minutes of General Body Meeting.
  4. In the next General Body Meeting, the minutes are presented and not required to read out in front of the members as they were circulated already.
  5. HOUSE gives its approval to the minutes of Meeting and President sign the minutes on behalf of the HOUSE and not in the individual capacity.

If you have any questions, you can see the same in the memorandum or consult with the General Secretary RWA.


Appointment of Internal Auditor

As per the resolution passed in the General Body Meeting held on 31st August 2014, the records and accounts are to be audited by an internal auditor from the Financial Year 2007-08 to Financial Year 31st march 2014.

Thus the applications are invited for engaging the internal auditor of the Resident Welfare Association of Sanskriti Apartment, Sector 19B, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075.

The person should have the knowledge of account and law. He/She must be a qualified Chartered Accountant and should possess atlease 5 years of experience in audits.

The person with above qualifications and experience may submit their applications along with their professional fees details for the above mentioned job latest by 5PM on 15th September 2014 to General Secretary RWA Office of Sanskriti Apartments in a sealed envelop.

You can also submit your application online at:

Screenshot of the Notice board: