1. Every Flat Owner must be a Member of Resident Welfare Association after paying…
    • Rs.1000/- (One Time Membership Fees)
    • Rs.1000/-Per Month (Paid Quarterly as Maintenance Fees effective from 1st October 2018)

    Only after becoming a member, he/she shall be eligible to participate in any activities done by RWA.

  2. Police verification of tenants shall be the responsibility of the Flat Owners. The verified copy of police verification and rent agreement must be deposited at RWA office by the Owner.
  3. All the Tenants shall deposit Police Verification Form/Certification of their employees (Fulltime or Part-time) to RWA Office.
  4. Tenant shifting (external or internal) should be informed to RWA for mandatory Police verification and tri-party agreement to have all details of tenant at RWA office, also include the INR 3000/- one time charges from all tenants shifting into the flat (internal/external)
  5. Flat Owners are requested not to keep bachelors as tenants and do not let your Flat to be used as hostel/guest house or a mess. Flat Owners are requested to keep only families as tenants.
  6. NOC (No Objection Certificate) from RWA is mandatory for the residents before shifting in or leaving out of the society premises.
  7. Speed of vehicles within the society promises must not exceed 10 KM/Hr.
  8. Vehicles shall be parked properly at the specified parking areas. Residents are requested not to park their vehicles outside lift area, on the pathway under connecting bridge or common entrance areas.
  9. Please cooperate with security guards in vehicle verification, visitor’s identification etc.
  10. Please ensure that all the servants (Regular or Temporary) shall hold the worker’s identity cards and make proper entry in the relevant register at the main security gate.
  11. All the visitors shall enter their particulars in the visitors register.
  12. Residents shall register their vehicles with RWA and collect stickers for proper vehicle identification for hassle free entry and exit.
  13. RWA requests all the residents to lock their vehicles properly and do not leave any valuables in their vehicles.
  14. Timing of the workers shall be 8AM to 8PM.
  15. While renovation or any other construction related work in the flats, residents shall follow few guidelines as mentioned below:
    • Residents must inform RWA and make a security deposit for the amount of Rs. 5000/- per flat.
    • Contact details of contractor must be provided at RWA office.
    • Malba of renovation must be placed as per the directions of RWA and should be cleared at the earliest.
    • Any personal article or furniture should not be placed in corridor or in front of lifts.
    • Residents must keep water taps close. Wastage of water will be taken seriously and a penalty of Rs.1000/- shall be charged from contractor or the flat owner.
  16. Do not place flower pots or any other material in the corridors that obstruct the movements within the corridors.
  17. Residents are requested not to feed stray dogs in premises.
  18. Pets shall not be allowed in the lifts and residents are accountable for their vaccination. Residents are also requested to take their pets outside the premises for daily relieving.
  19. While organizing a Function/Event in the society premises, residents shall follow few guidelines as mentioned below:
    • Get the permission from RWA and confirm the dates.
    • Do not serve the liquors
    • Pay 2000/- (Non-Refundable) and 500/- (Refundable) as security deposit.
    • Loudspeakers are not allowed between 10.30 PM to 06.00 Hrs.
    • Members are requested to get the function site cleaned after the event. Security deposit shall be refunded only after clearance of function site.
    • Only silent diesel generator sets will be allowed in the society premises.
    • Installation or removal of TENT shall not be allowed between 11:00PM to 06:00AM.
  20. A notice board placed near main gate for general public notifications. If members are willing to post their messages, the can submit the same to the RWA Office. Members are requested not to use it for commercial activities though.

All the residents are requested to kindly cooperate in maintaining the society premises and make it an ideal society for living.

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