Financial Statement of Janmashtami Festival Celebration held on 18.08.2014

Dear Residents,

Below are the details of collection and expanses on the arrangements and celebration of the Janmashtami festival. The statement has been issued by the cultural committee.

Details of Collection:

Collection from  Amount In Rs.
196 Flats 37304

Details of Expenditure:

Sr.No. Description Amount in Rs.
1 Bhajan Mandli 15000
2 Darbaar including Transportation 2100
3 Prasad 9039
4 Phool 850
5 Water & Ice 625
6 Pandit Dakhshina 100 & Chadhawa
7 Tent & lights 7975
8 Puja related Samagari 515
Total in Rs. 36204


Total Amount Balance in Rs. 1100

 Below is the screenshot of the notice.


DDA Notice to hand over Maintenance work, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Operations to RWAs

Dear Residents,

This is to inform all residents that there is a notifications from Delhi Development Authority in regard to the handover of the maintenance work including civil, electrical and mechanical operations. Resident Welfare Association is in process of connecting with the appropriate authorities for further information on this topic. Accuracy of this news has been verified from officials and found true.

DDA has given a maximum of 1-3 months of time for this handover to registered or non-registered RWAs.

The RWA officials are determined to discuss this matter internally and take required action as and when required.

For your review, below is the screenshot of the notice posted by DDA on TIMES OF INDIA Sunday newspaper. Leave your comments if you have any questions or suggestions.


Meeting with MLA Sh. Rajesh Gahlot

Dear Residents,

Today on 22nd August 2014, some of the officials from RWA accompanied by a few senior residents have visited the office of Member of Legislative Assembly Sh. Rajesh Gahlot Jee. We are glad to inform that he gave us his valuable time and listened to our concerns one by one and assured us a solution for each.

A brief outcome of the meeting is mentioned as below:

  1. The issue of unhygienic condition of pavement paths in front of the society is already taken care and the cleaning work has already begun and going at full speed.
  2. The process of cutting wild plants on the side pathways has already begun.
  3. He assured us 2 high mask lights for our society shortly and he mentioned he will inform us once they are arranged.
  4. He assured us a few benches for the central park and they should arrive to our society shortly.
  5. He agreed to our point to set up a police picket somewhere in between the DCP office and our society. He mentioned that he will talk to the concerned authorities regarding this.
  6. He said he will look into the matter of setting up a proper bus stop in front of our society near Amberhai village gate. He should get back to us on starting a new bus route to either Connaught Place or Anand Vihar or any other possible route.
  7. On the matter of sanitation, he assured us that he will visit our society soon with the Chief Engineer DDA and show them the condition of unhygienic surroundings and take proper steps to start cleaning the same.
  8. Regarding Water problem, he said they are working day and night to resolve the water issues in our area and this should be fixed in a couple of months completely.
  9. On setting up the temple, he mentioned that there was a circular passed when he was part of the DDA standing committee according to which DDA societies will get some fixed area where they can set up the temple by paying some money to DDA. He have called the concerned authorities in front of us and asked for the minutes of meetings when that circular was passed. He said within a couple of days, he will share the circular with us and promised that we should be able to set up the temple in our society soon.

The kind of response we got from him today was really pleasing and we are hoping he will take action on our issues right away as he assured.

Below is the letter written and submitted to the MLA office…


General Body Meeting Notice to be held on 31st August 2014

This is to notify to all fellow residents that the General Body Meeting of the Residents Welfare Association of Sanskriti Apartments Sec19B will be held on 31st August 2014 at 10 AM at the connecting bridge.

The agenda of the the meeting shall be:

  1. Welcoming Members.
  2. Introduction of the New Management Committee.
  3. Discussion on the Budget for the year 2014-15
  4. Any other matter with the permission of the chair.

All the members are requested to attend the meeting and share their valuable inputs in the discussions.

The meeting shall start at 10AM on 31st August 2014 at the Connecting Bridge.


Shri Krishna Janamashtmi celebrations at Sanskriti Apartment under connecting bridge

Dear Residents,

We are glad to inform you that SHRI KRISHNA JANAMASHTMI festival was celebrated by the residents of Sanskriti Apartment under the connecting bridge. The event was well organized on the eve of 18th August 2014, by the Social & Cultural Committee with the valuable assistance of Sh. Neeraj Mathur, Sh. Inderjeet Verma, Dr. Rajkumar, Sh. Nipun, Sh. R.K. Pahuja, Mrs Amita Bhatia and Mrs Kavita Arora.

Below are the main features of the event:

  1. Starting puja.
  2. Start of Bhajan Shandhya.
  3. Dancing performances by kids.
  4. Bhajan Shandhya continues…
  5. Aarti
  6. Prasad Distribution

We are so pleased with everyone’s presence and thank all of them for their contributions.

Note from RWA:
The event was organized with financial contribution from all residents only and no fund was spent from Resident Welfare Association.

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Notice Board Update 17th August 2014

Dear Residents,

Below is the notice board update. The notice is about Janamastmi Celebrations on 18th August 2014.

Note from RWA:
This festival is organized 100% on contribution basis by the Sanskriti Residents and no funds will be spent from Resident Welfare Association Account as agreed and decided in the first Executive Committee meeting held on 3rd August 2014.

Click on the image below for a larger view.


Independence Day Celebration at Sanskriti Apartments Central Park

Dear Residents, This is to inform you that the Independence Day (15th August 2014) was celebrated in our society by the Resident Welfare Association with the participation of all the residents. Everyone including elder people, kids participated in various contests and activities. Following events were organized at the function:

  1. Free style racing for age group of 0-3 years, 3-5 years, 5-8 years and 8-15 years.
  2. Lemon spoon racing for age group 5-8 years, 8-12 years and 12-15 years.
  3. Lemon spoon racing for young ladies and men.
  4. Free style racing for elder ladies and elder men.
  5. Dance Competition for kids.
  6. Song/ Poem Competition for kids.
  7. Fancy Dress competition.
  8. Lucky Draw
  9. Best Slogan of Society
  10. Best Picture of Society.
  11. Tambola

There was an overwhelming participation from all residents and everyone enjoyed a lot. The event started at 9AM and finished at 2PM.

The winner slogan of the society is “Hamari Sanskriti, Hamari Amanat”.

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